AOD 2017

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Miresevini per AOD 2017

Per pjesmarre ju lutem kontaktoni ne - info at - edhe vijn ne vende takimi

Orientim me harte dhe busullë - një sporti për të gjithë grupmoshat, një sport për të gjithë familjen

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AOD 2017 - Deadline for onlineregistration has expired

If you still want to participate, write an E-mail to the organiser - see "about" or in the bulletins - or come directly to the meeting points

AOD 2017 - Important information:

Dealine for regsitration has been postponed to 15th September 2017, so you have still the occasion of participating . Register >here as soon as possible

Bulletin 2

is now available with detailed information, download >here

Event Center AOD 2017

The event center will be in Hotel Te Stela on the way from the airport to Tirana. If you want accomodation there, contact the organiser for special offer

AOD 2017

Albanian Orienteering Days 2017 will take place from 22nd to 24th September 2017 in Tirana Region


World Orienteering Day

Albania was part of World Orienteering Day on 24th of May 2017

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8th SEEOA Council meeting

took place from 3rd to 5th of March 2017 in Tirana