MOC Tour 2023 - Garë orientimi në Parkun e Madh të Tiranës

Klubi i Orientimit Tirana, në bashkëpunim me Agjencinë e Parqeve dhe Rekreacionit dhe Bashkinë e Tiranës, ka nderin t’ju ftojë të bëheni pjesë e garës. >Ftese

MOC Tour 2023 coming to Albania

We are proud to announce that Tirana will be one stage in this years MOC tour, 3 years after it had to be cancelled in 2020

The group will arrive on Friday 24th from Struga and stay until Sunday 26th The orienteering race will take place on 26th March in Tirana lake park, on an enlarged new map made for 2020

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posted 22 March 2023

Albanian Orienteering wishes

>full size

posted january 2023

Albanian Orienteering Days 2022 final results

After carefully checking there are some changes in the final results

All results can be seen >here

For all comments please contact us!

posted 1 November 2022

Albanian Orienteering Days 2022 finished

Thank you for coming!

The results from Day 1 can be seen >here

The results from Day 2 can be seen >here

The results from Day 3 can be seen >here

more coming soon

posted 9 October 2022

Day 2 of AOD 2022 is over

The results from Day 1 can be seen >here

All those who did not do the readout yet, please present yourself tomorrow before the start to the readout station.

Event center tomorrow: Campus bar, qytet studenti, reachable via Elbasan street

Area east of Elbasan street embargoed area from 8:30. Please use only the acces from the roundabout - Rruga Arben Broci

posted 8 October 2022

AOD 2022 Bulletin 1 update is now available

During preparation some changes occured, so find the updated bulletin >here

Only 10 days until last deadline for entry to AOD 2022

The last deadline is on 25th September 2022. So register before on >here

To confirm your entry please pay until end of September latest

If you want to have a package, please contact us as soon as possible to organise transport

posted 15 september 2022

PWT coming to Albania on their Balcan tour

We are proud to announce that PWT organises a tour after WMOC in Italy and will make the first stop in Tirana

The race will take place on 17th July on Dajti

Udhëtim PWT Shqipëri - Maqedoni e Veriut - Greqi

Klubi i Orientimit Tirana ka nderin t’ju ftojë të bëheni pjesë e garës. >Ftese

AOD 2022: next deadline for entry

The next deadline is on 31st July. We are looking forward to your registration >here

Orienteers from Finnland will come for a trip to Albania and are looking forward to compete with you!


posted 28 june 2022

World Orienteering Day

Albania was part of World Orienteering Day on 11 th of May 2022

Some participants at the start/finish area near the Amphitheater in Tirana park

>read more about World Orienteering Day

posted 25 may 2022

AOD 2022 Bulletin 1 is now available


AOD 2022 registration open

Registration on Orienteeringonline is now open >here

posted 24 march 2022

Good news: AOD is back!

AOD 2022 will hopefully take place!

We are optimistic that the 5th trial finally succeeds!

The date for Albanian Orienteering Days 2022 will be from 7th to 9thOctober 2022 in Tirana Region

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